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Age and Physical Requirements

Our students range from six years to adults. The maximum allowable weight for riders is 185lbs. The instructional program at RHS requires that students be able to ride and remain focused on their activity for at least 1/2 hour of instruction.

As in all sports, some equipment is essential for the safety and comfort of the rider. For safety reasons, RHS requires that an ASTM approved equestrian helmet and some type of english riding boot be worn by all riders. For your convenience, all listed equipment is available at our tack shop. Our staff can insure that any equipment purchased is fitted correctly to the rider and meets the safety and quality standards required by the demands of the sport.

Below are the requirements and recommendations for RHS.

Helmet: No rider may ride off-line without a properly fitted ASTM approved equestrain helmet.

Boots: Boots are required by the third lesson. Riding boots provide stability in the stirrup and are less likely to hang-up in the stirrup in the event of a fall.

Crop: By the time a student is promoted into an "A-class" they should have their own riding crop.

Gloves: Non-slip riding gloves are necessary in cold weather. Riding Breeches or Chaps: Recommended for comfort.

Saddle: Because riders come in all shapes and sizes, many intermediate and advanced level riders prefer to purchase and ride in their own saddles.

Hunt coats and other formal riding attire are required for riders that wish to show competitively

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