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Hunter-jumper style riding is a physical and psychologically demanding sport. The amount of time it takes for individual riders to develop their skills varies greatly. At RHS each student is allowed to progress at his or her own speed. Before promotion to a more advanced level, it is imperative that students have mastered specific skills and have developed enough confidence to move on to more advanced work. The programs are detailed below.

Private Lead Line & Beginner

All beginning students start with 1/2 hour private lessons where they receive one-on-one instruction in the basics of riding. Students learn how to lead their horse into the ring, and how to mount and dismount. They are taught the correct body position to english-style riding and allowed to develop the muscle tone and balance required to maintain that position on a moving horse. Students learn to post the trot on the correct diagonal and two-point at the walk and trot. Students must master the basics of steering and controlling their horse before progressing to group lessons.


Students ride in one hour group lessons. They continue to strengthen their position and balance. Students are expected to master diagonals and continue to develop steering skills at the walk and trot.


Students continue to strengthen their basic position and maintain balance at a walk, trot, and canter. Students must be able to distinguish the correct lead at the canter and maintain control of the horse at all three gaits.


Students continue to work at walk, trot, and canter. Students are expected to maintain control of their horse while cantering in a group and be required to perform excercises "off the wall". At this level students will begin to work without stirrups to develop leg strength and balance required for more advanced flat work and jumping.


Students will learn to work without stirrups at trot and canter. They will ride over ground poles and caveletti. Lateral work will be initiated and more advanced patterns will be performed "off the wall".


Students at this level will ride ground poles and begin jumping cross-poles on the wall. They will continue to improve their equitation skills with basic lateral work and more advanced flatwork.

Beginner Jump

At this level students will jump both cross-poles and vertical fences. They will develop the the basic skills required to ride a jump course.

Intermediate Jump

Students will begin jumping a variety of fences and ride simple courses.

Advanced Flat and Jumping

Students work on basic dressage techniques on the flat and ride courses over a variety of fences.

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