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The riding instructors at RHS all have strong backgrounds in horsemanship. While individual personalities and teaching styles may vary, all our instructors teach the same basic skills.

The training program is run by Diane Hake and Ann Purdy. It is designed for riders that wish to go beyond recreational riding and begin to show competitively. Riders in the training program generally own their own horse. Occasionally, riders arrange a "show lease" on one of the schools' horses until they are able to acquire a suitable horse of their own.

The trainers help prospective owners find and purchase a horse appropriate to their riding ability and budget. They over-see the daily care and management of the horse and advise the owner in all aspects of the horses' care. The trainers work with both horse and rider to prepare them for competition, and accompany them to Michigan Hunter/Jumper Association horse shows throughout the season.

Lessons are scheduled on an appointment basis. All new students are required to take an initial private evaluation to determine where that student will fit into our lesson program.

Inexperienced riders will remain in private lessons, where they will get one-on-one instruction while they learn fundamental skills and master the basics of controlling a horse. More experienced riders may enter into a group lesson at the level that is appropriate for them.

Lessons Rates as of 12/1/2015:

Hour Private Lesson - $45.00
Three Hour Private Lessons - $105.00 (New students only, void after 2 months)
1 Hour Group Class Lesson - $45.00
Monthly Series (4 lessons) - $170.00
10 Lesson Series - $400 (Void after 4 months)
40 Lesson Series - $1400 (Void after 10 months)



At least 24 hours cancellation notice must be given prior to your scheduled lesson. You will be charged for that lesson unless the lesson is rescheduled for a different time/day.

Horse Shows

RHS has several horse shows per year that students of all levels may participate in. These are open exclusively to RHS students. All riders are encouraged to participate. Ribbons, trophies, and other prizes are awarded.


As some students progress in their training, they may desire to ride more then once or twice a week. Many of these students may be considering the purchase of their own horse at some time in the future. For some people, leasing a school horse may be a good option. A limited number of horses may be leased to RHS students. Lease arrangements may vary depending on the particular horse and level of rider. All riders leasing horses are required to ride in at least one scheduled lesson per week. For additional details on the leasing program, contact Sharon.

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